img_1332FirstTranslation into more than 120 Language Combinations:

Through our wide network of native translators all over the world, we present you accredited translation of more than 120 languages. We assure you 100% quality. We pay much attention not only to the text but to produce original-like translation in formatting, layout, etc. as well. We select you the most professional translator(s) based on the specialization.

Second: Assisting Businesspeople:

Out of the awareness that businesspeople require translation and interpretation in their business as they deal with different countries, Sevo Accredited Translation and Languages is pleased to meet this requirement to the fullest. In addition to translation, we provide businesspeople with simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation. No more worries about meetings and conferences that include foreign people; we provide you A-Z simultaneous and consecutive interpretation service. Our service enjoys the strictest confidence. We paint a wonderful image of your organization.

  Moreover, upon request, we will select the most suitable accredited translator to accompany you to complete some urgent procedure that requires an accredited translator outdoors (notarization authority, courts, etc)

Third: Translation Course:

Sevo Accredited Translation and Languages present a 100% practical translation course. It does not depend on theoretical books but rather experience of more than 13 years in the field. If you have the desire to work in big companies, we are your gateway to achieve this. We teach you how to write solid English and help you promoting for your career. We give very special rates for companies and groups.